Saturday, May 26, 2018

A special visit from DOC today


  1. Hi my name is Keren I am from Wesley primary school. I really love how you guys were sitting there listening with your ears.This reminds me of when I was at my old school we always had to sit on the floor and listen when every visitor came over we also done rules before she the visitor came in. Maybe next time tell us or give us more information like what you guys done with us. Hope you love this comment form Keren
    Maybe if you want to visit my blog here is the link Keren @ Wesley Primary School or my class blog
    Room 3 @ Wesley Primary School
    Thanks so much for reading.
    blog you later!!

  2. Hello my name is Daphne and i am a student at Wesley Priamy school in room 3.
    i really like how the DOC is holding a bones and you gay are really fouces to what he is saying.This reminds me of going to the doctors and looking at the bones . Maybe next time you can tell us about what you gays are doing .Thank you for reading hope you go on my class blog

  3. Hi my name is sofaia from Wesley primary school. it reminds me of when i was in kindergarten and when a visitor came a told us about some story. next time you could write what you did with the special visitor. if you want to see my learning here is the link

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