Thursday, March 1, 2012

Swimming Sports :)

What a fantastic day!  The kids had a great time in the pool and some of the parents did too!
Thanks to Ross School for hosting another great day and to all the parents who helped make such a fantastic event possible!
(and we won!)


  1. We had heaps of fun at Ross swimming. We had a sauge sizzle, Muffins and drinks for our lunch. When I took my socks off I went super fast down the slide and it was heaps of fun. I went down the slide with Sophie. We also had a free swim after our races. After our races we got placed first, second or third and we had our names written on the cards. We got changed an then got to play on the play ground. We went back on the bus and away we went back to school.

  2. i had lots of fun at ross and i cant wait for next year. i enjoyed the breast stroke and the hardest was starfish.i had a sauge sizzle. it was a hot and sunny day for the swimming sprots. i had four firsts and a third. i say well done to all who perpisapatid and thank you to the parents in the relay race and who were there to cheer us on. it really helped me.thank you to ross who every year put this on i enjoyed it. i look forward to beating i mean meeting no beating you at fun jump throw!

    1. Cool I like what you have wrote Lauren.


  3. I had lots of fun at the Ross swimming sports.Im glad because I came first in frestyle first in backstroke first in breaststroke first in starfish and highly commended in the egg and spoon race.It was awsome because we also won.I cant wait till run jump throw.I hope we win that to.

  4. Woops I forgot to put my name down on my comment.


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