Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Invite to Parent focus group

Parent focus group – 10am Thursday 28 August @ Valley Café

This focus group discussion is to assist me in my study regarding developing partnerships between the parent community and the school with the aim of improving educational outcomes for all students. 

To assist me in reviewing the discussion I would like to record it. The recording will be deleted at the completion of this assignment.  Participants in this discussion will not be identified in my assignment and only the assessing lecturer and I will read my assignment.  If you are interested in joining the conversation please join me (coffee is on me!).  Discussion questions are below.

Understanding of the possibilities of parent input in developing teaching programmes that meet the needs of their children 

  1. How do current school practices help to keep you informed about the learning that your child is involved in and how you can be involved?
  2. Some parents have expressed how much learning has changed since they were in school.  Do you understand these changes or do you feel welcome to find out more about how we teach in your child’s classroom?
  3. Formal parent consultation happens approximately every three years to ensure the school reflects the values and educational priorities of the community.  Elected Board of Trustees members also provide input on the community’s behalf.  Do you feel this is a sufficient level of community input into learning programmes?
  4. Parents are often invited to volunteer in the school to support learning activities.  This is a great asset to the school.  Are there ways in which the school could improve this involvement (include different parents, encourage more dads etc) without overusing community support?

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