Friday, November 27, 2015

Leadership Award

Leadership Award The Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi board of trustees would like to announce an inaugural annual Leadership Award to be presented to a Year 6 leaver who demonstrates leadership both in the classroom, at school and beyond into the community. We are looking to recognize a young leader who is dedicated by volunteering their time to help and support others, who helps themselves and others to do the right thing, who shows initiative, is responsible, who motivates others to achieve, is a great communicator and lead their peers and others. We would like to call upon you, the members of the Kokatahi Kowhitirangi community to nominate a Year 6 leader for this award, as you see, hear and experience what these students have and are achieving through their leadership. You can nominate the following Year 6 leaders in a number of ways. Via email to Sarah Jackson, call Sarah on 755 8382, or if you wish to remain anonymous - place your nomination in the letterbox at Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi School (Upper Kokatahi Rd), anytime before 5pm, December 8 2015. Please include the name of the young leader who you wish to nominate, and a brief reason of why you nominate this student. Staff, parents, students at Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi School, and the community are able to nominate a student for this award. The year 6 students eligible for this award are- Lachlan Baird Lauren Burden Nate Croy Sophie Lange Ava Little George Monk Leila Nolan Charlotte Smith Portia Wyatt This award will be presented at the end of year prizegiving/concert.

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