Monday, June 5, 2017


Pukeko Class investigating 2 forces, Gravity and Magnetism!!!  We managed to get some paperclips floating in mid air!!!  A bridge of magnets made from a metal ruler managed to overcome gravity!!!  Magic!

Students found that if they put their fingers inbetween the magnets and the paperclips, then the paperclips STILL floated...the magnetic forces passed through their fingers!

Some students found that if they put a magnet UNDER the table and one on TOP of the table, then they could move the top magnet around without touching it!!!  Magnetic forces could pass through the table!

We found that magnets could ATTRACT (or pull) other magnets towards them...or they could pull metal things towards them..but not ANY metal...only the metals that had iron or steel in them.  Mrs Johnstone's metal rings weren't magnetic.

We found that if we turned one of the magnets around, then it could PUSH (or repel) another magnet away!!!

We could move black iron sand with magnets.

We couldn't move brass or copper or gold or silver metals with magnets :(

Magnets are clever!  Cool to play with!

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