Friday, October 27, 2017

Pet Day 2017


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  2. Hey kokatahi school my name is rhain and I;m from park state school and i really like your guy's photos.

  3. Hello there I am Ronak in room 11 from Park Estate school and I really love your photos for pet day , especially the first one but the third one is kind of weird , is it a ferret? I love ferrets so please reply and tell me thank you.
    Next time you could add more photo's and some writing.till now bye :D

  4. hello my name is Iutasi,Park Estate School,the photo's looked AMAZING it looked like you's had a great time,next time you's might write more words about it,was it smelly at the farm?

    kind regards:Iutasi

  5. Hello my name is Manawaroa at park Estate School I very like your photo at the farm. what farm did you guy go to? was it smelly there. what animal did you guy see?

    kind Regards:Manawaro

  6. hi my name is Carlos i am from park estate school i am in room 11 i love animals my favourites are dog horse and cat grat post iv never had pet day you are lucky

  7. Hello my name is Riley from park estate school I love anmials my favourite are dogs,cats and horses! I love the photos they show me you like animals too!

  8. Hii my name is myah and I go to park estate in room 11 the reason why i like this is because the photo's are cool and because i like animals.

    kind regards: Myah

  9. hi my name is sam i'm from park estate school i like the photos and the dog
    do you like cat and birds it looks like you love and animals too!

  10. Hey my name is Ruben and I go to park estate school I was impressed by your guys pets I wish I had a pet.
    Kind regards:Ruben

  11. Kia Ora my name is Zidane and I go to Parkestate School, I loved your pickets that you took and also I liked your animals

    Kind Regards :Zidane

  12. Hi my name is Angel and i am from park estate school and i really like how you went to the farm on time when the year 6 went to zoo and the little kids has the farm came and visit and they brought horses and they brought cows everything you would normally have at the farm :) hope you had a fun time

    kind regards

    blog you later :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  13. Hi my name is Jody and i am from park estate school and i really like your post that your done here. i liked all of your guys photo's that yous done and i really liked the little girl the one that is holding the dog that was really cutie.

    kind regards:jody

  14. Hi Kotahi,
    My name is Maddison I'm from room 11 at Park Estate school. I really like what you were doing with the pets. But I had no idea what was going on and what you are doing. I also have no idea what your names are.

    Kind regards



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