Saturday, September 15, 2018

Guitars donated

A big thank you to one of our grandparents (previously parent) for donating these two guitars and ukulele to our school. 


  1. hi my name is siliva and i am from Wesley Primary School and i like the way you have told me you got donated ukulele guitars.this reminds me when i played the ukulele.maybe next time you could tell us what they are for.

  2. Hey there I'm Andrea I'm a student from wesley primary.Wow heres the start I love the gutairs and uklele fablous.But could you at lesat put some more detail.This reminds me of my gutair.
    Check out on my blog and my class.

  3. hello, my name is anaseini and i go to Wesley Primary School. I liked the way your reflection was short and simple. it reminded me of when i did one like this but not the music part. i was just wondering but did you ask for the instruments? if you like to see my class blog here.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hello my name is John from wesley primary school. I really know how much thought the parents gave into donating the guitars. Do you know how to play them. Blog you later.

  5. hi my name is sydney im from wesley primary and I love guitars my brother always plays me a song every night with the guitar


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