Saturday, June 30, 2018

A week full of activities at Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi School

Sustainability Term 2 2018

Our whole school visit to Shanty Town this week. We learned about the "waste not, want not" approach during Victorian times. In other words, if you use a resource carefully, you will never be in need. This fits in very well with our Enviroschools kaupapa of creating a sustainable world.

Rippa Term 2 2018

Our Year 5/6 Rippa team played their final games at Paroa on Friday. Well done people! Awesome teamwork. Here they are practising at school.

Art activities in the Kea and Hoiho rooms

Raffle Term 2, 2018

A great effort by our parent community (Home and School) to fundraise for our school! This is our raffle table at New World. 

Canterbury Cross Country

Caleb, Luke and Rocco represented our school very well at the Canterbury Cross Country event on  Wednesday. Well done, boys. We are all proud of you!


  1. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun i wish i could join in

  2. hi my name is Sofaia i go to Wesley primary school. i really like how you guys were practicing for your guys year 5/6 rip pa rugby game. next time could you write more stuff and like what you did when you were playing rip pa ruby but i really like the photos. if you want to see my learning here is my blog

  3. hey there,
    My name is Lino and im a year 6 student at wesley primary school.I really like the way that you guys were fund rasing. This reminds me of a time our school fundraised. Maybe next time when you post try only post one or two on on page. If you want to see my blog or my class learning here it is.

  4. Hey, There my name is Keren I´m a student at Wesley primary in room three. I really love how you guys have been doing these thing for your learning. But my really favorite is how is the year 5\6 played rippa. This reminded me when my teacher asked the whole class if we wanted to join rugby. Next time could you tell us what was challenging for them and other things like that. So ya have fun and if you want to check out my blog here is is.... and if you need the class blog then copy and paste it here is the class blog.....
    blog you later!!

  5. Hi there my name is Daphne and I am a student from Wesley Primary school in room 3 and I really like how you guys are having fun.This reminds me of having fun with rugby too!Next time could you tell us or show a video about the scores and yeah.thank you for listening to my comment hope you go to my blog OK bey.

  6. Hi there,my name is Sina and I am a student from Wesley primary school in Room 3.I really like how you guys were learning about sustainability.It reminds me when I was in room 6 and we were learning about sustainability and learn were the rubbish goes.Next time try and show us a video about what you did. Visit my blog

  7. Hi I am Emma i go to papakura central school. Hope you liked having a little fun you are probably out of breath. Hope you had a good time doing your cross country. I hope you will see my blog go on to this link Emma

  8. Hi my name is Richard and i am a student in room 3 from Wesley primary school.I like it how you guys are sharing stuff of what yous do when yous go on a trip.It remaindered me of when i went to trip but we did net post it on our blog because we did 'en even have a Richard


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