Tuesday, June 5, 2018

"Keeping Ourselves Safe" Programme

Terri, our Police Education Officer, doing a session with the Kea room on "Keeping Ourselves Safe".


  1. Mailo'lele
    My name is Andrea I'm a student from Wesley primary school . Wow ! looks like you got a amazing visitor so exciting.This reminds me of of consolable cam coming to our school. Which you post more photos.
    Blog you later visit my blog and my class http://wpsandreap.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi my name is Danielle i am a student from wesley primary school and i like the way that you guys were listening relly carefully to what the poli lady had to say. But next time could you do a video telling us what she said and heres my classes bloghttp://wpsmargetts.blogspot.com/ and my blog https://wpsdaniellee.blogspot.com/ bye blog you later!!

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  4. Hey, My names Olivet. I go to Papakura Central School, and we had a Police Officer come to our school too! When us students signed up for road patrol, she was here to help us and teach us how to keep ourselves safe while doing patrol! What else did Terri talking about to you guys? Keen to know!
    -Olivet :)


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