Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Jump Throw

What a fantastic day!!!

Thanks to everyone who came to cheer the kids on, run events, eat yummy morning tea, and open the court.

Congradulations to Rata house who won the most points on the day - it was a close race.

We will put a link to more pictures on here soon. If you have any great pictures please email them in.

Thanks again to everyone one for such a great event. :)


  1. I had lots of fun at the fun,jump,throw day.


  2. I had lots of fun at Fun,jump,throw.I think Caleb certinly did the best animal(king kong)He deserved to win.But at the end of next term I hope we win (kowhai)

    Ashleigh (kowhai)

  3. I had a great day on the fun,jump,throw day. I wish I could be here to do it next year but I will be at high school. I hope you have lots of fun at the fun,jump,throw day next year. I hope Mahoe wins. GO MAHOE!!


  4. I had fun at fun, jump, throw day because I got to run and it was fun. I ran fast and I went first.



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