Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pet Day 2016

Well done everyone for winning so many certificates and prizes. A big thank you to Tammy and her Home and School team for organising such a great day. 
Pet Day is on. Please bring the umbrellas. It is drizzling on and off. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Funk Art

Due to the weather, we will be staying at school to complete our Funk Art and other Pet Day activities. Please collect your children from school this afternoon.

Is Pet Day on?

An update on Pet Day will be posted here at 7am tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pet Day Programme

Pet Day Programme
Tue 18th October

9.30am                 Pets and children to arrive by this time and make their pet comfortable, secure,            watered, fed etc.  There will be a designated area for each animal category. Refer to      the map displayed.

9:45am                 Welcome and Safety Briefing

10.00am               Judging commences for all categories; there will be an ‘order of judging’ displayed      on the day.  Please make sure you visit the photo booth with your pet after you are        judged.
11.30am               Grand parade for all animals
                             Dogs, Domestic Animals, Agricultural Animals, Lambs/Goats
11:45am               Lunch Break – BBQ on site
12:45pm              Presentation of Certificates and Awards
                             Finalists announced.  All finalists to return to main ring with pets for final                                            judging.
                             Presentation of Cups
Lunch Prices
Sausage, onion & bread $2.00
Hamburgers $4.00

Cans drink/Juice boxes $2.00
Tea & coffee available in supper room

We look forward to a sunny, warm and fun Pet Day 

Please remember the school bus will not operate on Pet Day.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Have a look at the following. Remember, this closes on Tuesday the 11th of October. Just click on the picture below for more information about the competition and how to enter. Good luck!

Draw your calf competition