Monday, September 8, 2014

Thanks from Ms McLellan

A big thanks to the staff, students and parents who have been helping me with my studies this term.  It has been great to be able to consider how to apply what I am learning to Kokatahi-Kowhitirangi School.  It has also been great to see all the great learning that has been taking place already this year, keep up the great work! 

I am busy writing huge essays (the part I like least) and getting ready for another adventure (the part I like most).  This time I am heading to Charlotte, North Carolina and Dubuque, Illinois in the USA.  While I am there I will have a chance to learn about their education system, and spend some time in a few schools to see how their classes are taught!  I can’t wait to share what I learn J

Thanks again to everyone for your help!