Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What to do on a rainy day?

We knew the wonderful weather couldn't last... but what do you do on a rainy day with kids still hyper on Easter chocolate?
I used to send my girls out in raincoats and gummys to play and have a warm bath or milo waiting for them when they came back in.  Not always a good choice, but the 10 minutes peace was needed!

Here is a link to some better ideas. Add your ideas in the comments.


  1. Its fun splashing in the puduls when it is raining.Lara

  2. I like to play in the rain but sometimes Mum says no but it's still fun because I get to watch movies when it's raining and it's fun to watch movies when it rains.


  3. When it rains I like it because we get to stay inside and watch lots of movies and its fun splashing around in all the puddles.


  4. on a rainy day i always normaly go and play in rain ( with my raincoat and gumboots of coruse!)

  5. In the rain i like to cuddle up inside with a good book with a blanket (when my books finished watch some movies) yogi bear is my fav


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