Wednesday, June 13, 2012

See how fast they run!!

What a great day for the cross country - thank goodness they postponed it from last week.

A HUGE congratulations to Hayley who came FIRST in her age group!

A fanstastic finish for Joshua who came sixth in his age group and a great run by Amy.  There were a lot of children racing so our kids did extreamly well.
Joshua racing toward the finish.

Hayley - first to the finish line!

The field of competitors walking the track.

Amy taking the lead!


  1. Well done all 3 of you!! It looked like a tough course and you all did such an awesome job!

    (from Kylie)

  2. Hayley how did you come first in cross country at Kumara racecourse. I think we all did a great job running yesterday.


  3. Amy,Hayley and Joshua you gus did really well!Hayley you did really well to come first!

  4. Well done what a fantastic effort you all put in.
    Mrs Jordan

  5. Wowo Hayley you are fast. Charlotte

  6. I think they did great. Im glad that someone from our school won last year hayley came around tenth. She surly made a big improvement.You did great hayley i could not have done better than you!!


  7. You guys did great! I am really proud of all of you.

  8. Well done everyone on the race!!

  9. It looks fun I hope I come next year. You guys did really well!

  10. How did you do that Hayley to come first!

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