Friday, July 13, 2012

last weekend

I hope you have all enjoyed a great break.  What a pity that we are getting rain now when Agfest is on! 
Enjoy the last weekend and getting the kids settled back into routines! 
See you all Monday morning :)

Ms. McLellan


  1. Thanks Ms. McLellan!=)

  2. I loved the holidays they were so fun I thought there was still another week of them on Saturday. In the holidays we went to Christchurch and we got to spend fifty dollars in the mall. First we went to the pet shop them the shoe shop then finally to the mall!!! I bought bright pink pants Lollies a Nerf gun! And hayley and I both bought a nerf gun. Whenever we are playing with our Nerf guns hayley always shoots me in the eye and we always get them taken off us. But hayley takes them back I don't. Welove our Nerf guns and we always play with them(every day in fact) We always pretend it's the hunger games but with guns because hayley has read one of the books but i haven't I'd love to read it. It's from the ten and up year olds part of the library in hokitika. Unfortunately I can't go up there when I'm ten I am going to go up the stairs and go to the ten and up peoples part of the library I can't wait till I'm ten also because I'm going to get my ears parsed I'm going to be so exited I really can't wait I wish I am ten right now!!!!!!

    1. all I have to say Ashleigh is WOW!!!!!

  3. I hope everyone had a great holiday.

  4. It is a pitty that it was raining on the Agfest days.We went on friday and it was poring down and I got drenched.But I had lots of fun.


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