Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcome to term 4!

This year is flying away and what a blustery start to the term!  We have a very short term with lots of events ahead of us as well as all the usual teaching and testing so hopefully we can keep up with it all.

Well-being Game 
There is still time to enter the game and add to your team's points!  Well done Kowhai house team you are doing fantastic!  Let's see if the other houses can catch up!

Pet Day 22 October
The children are excited about the upcoming Pet Day - Please remember, even if your child is not bringing a pet, it is still a school day and they need to attend.  We usually do follow up activities based on Pet Day and it is great for them to be their to support their peers.

Grand Parents Day 1 November
Grandparents, parents, (or stand-ins) are invited to join us for Grandparents Day.  This year we are planning to start about 10am and finish about 12:00ish.  After a welcome from the children and morning tea, we will be working together to construct some child size scarecrows (1 for each family). Please bring alone some old children's clothes and some 'stuffing'  such as New World bags, bubble wrap etc.

We'll do our best to keep you posted on the events through the term!

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