Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Welcome Back

What a hot start to the year!  It is great to have all the kids back and hearing of great summer adventures! They have been yachting, climbing, swimming around islands, visiting family, breaking arms, going to the beach, jumping on ponies, reading stories, riding bikes, go-karting, bouncing on castles.... well, the list is pretty much endless! Sounds like it has been a fantastic holiday.

We have a exciting year ahead of us with lots of learning, fun and challenges. Our big goal is to improve student achievement in writing and the summer adventures will help give the students great ideas to write about.
Make sure to bring your togs everyday so we can make great use of our pool (which was 29 degrees today!) and your sun hats.
Hope everyone has a wonderful year.

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  1. wow 29deg I might just have to come down for a dip.. and help supervise of course!


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