Friday, April 12, 2019

Last week of Term

Last week of term: 
Multiplication and Peer Mediation in the Hoiho room


  1. Hi Sophie here from Awahono School. This a comment I wanted to pass on to Caleb because I could post it on his ti dye t-shirt post. Here it is.

    Hi Caleb, Sophie here from Awahono School. THIS COMMENT REALLY CAUGHT MY EYE! I love how you put pictures of how you made it. Did you get to wear it to school after you made it? The colours you used are really authentic and bright which makes it the perfect t- shirt to wear anywhere! Maybe next time you could make the steps to make the ti dye t-shirt a bit more structured and describing them a bit more because then I will not have any questions throughout the making of the t-shirt like: How do I do this? What do I do now? Is it the end yet? Fantastic work, Caleb!


  2. I cannot coment on Calebs blog can you please give this to him.

    Hi Caleb, Amelia here from Awahono School. I like how you have done lots of colours on your T shirt It looks really cool. Why did you do the ti dye. That looks really fun. Good job.

  3. Hi, Solly here from Awahono School. I wrote this comment for Caleb, can you please pass it on to him.

    Hi Caleb, I'm Solly from Awahono School. I like how you gave instruction on how to make a tie dye shirt. Did you mean for there to be stripes on it or did it just turn out that way. Maybe next time you could tell me what colours you used to get the result that you got. Keep up the incredible work.

  4. Hi, Lochie here from Awahono School. I couldn't post this on Caleb's, blog so can you please pass this on Caleb.

    Hi Caleb, my names is Lochie from Awahono School. I like the colour pattern on your shirt. I bet it will be the new fashion for 2019! Keep up the good work
    Kind Regards

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  6. I wonder what you guys are doing? This looks interesting.


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