Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pet Day!

What a fantastic day!
Thanks so much to all the team at Home and School who organised such a wonderful day (well done on the weather!) and everyone else who helped out on the day.
It was fantastic to see such wonderful projects and so many fantastic pets.  You all made it very hard for the judges.
Well done to Luke and Pippa who won the cups.  Well done to Caleb who won the best pea plant prize! 
If you have any great pictures from the day please bring/send them in to school so we can make sure every student has a picture for their story writing.


  1. It was really fun at pet day because we saw lots of differnt pets.


  2. well done nice calf you must have had to do a lot of work to be that good


  3. i loved pet day,there were lots of diffrent pets there.well done luke.all the pets were veary exiting and they were veary well trained

  4. Well done Luke and Pippa. You must of done some hard work to win to the trophys.



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