Monday, August 13, 2012

Check out our future Olympians

 Here are just a few of the great Olympic outfits worn on Friday.  A great effort given such short notice!

Over $90 was raised, all going towards new library books.

Thanks for all your support (again).
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  1. I had an awesome time on mufti day because everyone looked awesome in as there olympians.

  2. I absolutely loved everyone's Olympic athletes and Olympians. I espetialy liked Beaus costume it looked amazing. The Karate outfit was amazing I think it was the best miss a wore a karate outfit as well. I wonder were I can get one!!!!!!

  3. It was soo much fun I went as a baskitball player. I like all the ideas when eveyone came.

  4. I liked olympic mufti day because we got to dress up as the olympic people.Me and Emily were horse riders and Portia was to but we still had to do work it was very fun.

    from Indi


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