Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Grandparents' Day 2018

A big thank you to all our grandparents and friends of the school for helping the children completing their Enviroschools projects. 


  1. Hello Kokatahi-Kowwhitirangi School,
    My name is Tufui and I go to Wesley Primary School. I really like how you invite your grandparents to compete your project. This reminds me when my nana came to our school and helped with the garden. Was it challenging for the grandparents? Was it a fun day? Bye blog you later!

  2. hi guys my name is Troy that is really nice to see that grandparents are coming to help. It really shows
    It takes a lot of effort for them to come off work or come to just help.
    looked like the grandparents were really getting into it.
    What was your guys favorite actives?.

  3. hi that was so cool that you got to do that. I wish I could do that with my granperants but most of you are lucky you got to do it it looks so fun and very good to keep the world a better place


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