Friday, March 9, 2012

How wild is your food?

Thanks to all the families who came out for our first assembly and shared lunch.  It was great to see the good work the children have been doing so far.
A HUGE thanks to all the families and friends who helped once again setting up (and soon taking down) the tents for Wild Foods.
This is a great fundraiser for our community and has contributed to many things around the school.
Geraldi Tirtawidjaja - finalist
Perhaps next time the kids complain about their dinner, we should check out back for some huhu grubs instead!
Have a great weekend


  1. My dad always tries to help and i cant wait till wild foods!

  2. I am going to the wildfoods today,but Iam definitely not eating any of the gross foods. Cant wait till wildfoods!

    by Pippa

    1. I wonder which one is the grossest? How would you know if you don't try any?

  3. First time I've looked at the blog - is pretty impressive!!! Now do I get 5 house points thanks :-)

  4. Yes you will! 5points for every comment- just make sure you leave your first name so we know who to give them to.

  5. I went to the wildfoods and I ate shark and it was yummy by lachlan

  6. At the wildfoods I tried shark and it was nice! Alex tried 4 grasshoppers and 1 huhu grub and a chocolate cocroach. Yuk!!!
    I saw mrs warner selling snalls. by Pippa

  7. At the wildfoods I saw Mrs Warner there selling snails I didnt eat any thow because there disgusting.I really like the wildfoods because it was my first time going to the wildfoods.I want to go next year.


  8. I wanted to go
    But I couldn't


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