Friday, May 25, 2012

Cross Country

I don't know if they managed to out-run the rain all day, but they did keep ahead of it long enough to get around the course.
A huge thanks to all the parents who provided transport to and from the races, helped organise the children, and went for the walk around Ross with the children.
A big thanks to Ross School for organising the event, and Kumara School for joining in the fun.

Well done to all the students!  Keep up the good work - staying active and fit will help all you succeed in activities (including reading/writing).


  1. When we got to the lake we tought it was a small one but it was big and the year 6'7 and 8 had to do two runing.

  2. I had to run a through a creek. I ran as fast as I could. I had lots of fun!

    a ck

  3. The cross country was awesome!
    from Arki

  4. It was fun I was really puffed. I really liked the course in Ross it was where the fireworks used to be

  5. I came second in the cross country. It was fun.

    1. Well done Lachlin! You must have been very quick to get second.

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  7. I wish i was there the day after cross country was when i wasnt sick any more!!



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